Launching on Tuesday January 17 from 8pm and continuing for a week at Tenderbooks, Soho, London, we are very excited to present at the latest work from Uferlos Studios titled In the dark, dark room (2017) – an aural-visual installation by Siouxzi Connor & Klaudia Domurat. The interviews and extracts are soon to be broadcast on the BBC World Service and NTS London.

Presented on the occasion of the book launch and readings from Little Houses, Big Forests (desire is no light thing), the multi-disciplinary work from Siouxzi ConnorKlaudia Domurat exudes the atmospheres and textures from the book but also goes beyond it, creating a rich and complex world for the audience to further immerse themselves within.

The launch in London is the first in a tour of events scheduled to appear in galleries and bookstores in the UK, US, Europe and Australia. More details to follow.

You can buy the book on Amazon here.

Or for more info, take a look at the Penguin/ Random House page here.

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