We very much enjoyed being a part of the closing party for the Ismus Exhibition at Anomalie Art Club, Berlin, December 1 and would like to thank the organisers for inviting us to play at such a special venue.

We hope you enjoy our short documentation of part of the performance!


an aural-visual erotic exploration by Klaudia Monika Domurat (TRACKsMss Vtk) and Siouxzi Connor, based on extracts from the book ‘Little houses, big forests (desire is no light thing)’ by Siouxzi Connor.

‘In the dark, dark room’ will drag you blindfolded into the dark: textures and tensions oscillate between fear and desire…

an experience that will play with you in the shadows,
tease you at the edges,
force the boundaries of the body,
with all its abjections and subjections
to pain, pleasure
and everything in between.

‘In the Dark, Dark Room’ is an ongoing multi-disciplinary project from Uferlos Studios, Berlin. It is a semi-ambiguous creature evolving from experiments focused on delivering a body / mind experience for the audience. The works involve sound design, visual art, writing, dance and performance – often inspired by BDSM research.

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