Sydney: Australian Book Launch and Film Screening

Following our events in London, Berlin, New York and Paris, Sydney is now the latest city to host our book launch and film screening. The anthology book “Little Houses, Big Forests (desire is no light thing)” was published by Repeater Books (UK) and distributed worldwide by Penguin/ Random House. The accompanying film, “In the dark, […]

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Transgressive Cultures Conference, Paris

We fell in love with Paris last week! We were there to present our film In The Dark, Dark Room, and the book Little Houses, Big Forests (desire is no light thing) for the Transgressive Cultures Conference at the University of Chicago, Paris. The event was organised by Jack Sergeant and featured so many inspiring academics, thinkers, […]

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Screening & Reading: Transgressive Cultures Conference, Paris

Our film ‘In The Dark, Dark Room’ will screen in Paris next week for the Transgressive Cultures Conference. We will be travelling to Paris for the screening of our 2017 film ‘In the dark, dark room‘ as part of a panel on transgressive literature and performance. Siouxzi will also be presenting her book ‘Little Houses, Big […]

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London: exhibition and book launch

Launching on Tuesday January 17 from 8pm and continuing for a week at Tenderbooks, Soho, London, we are very excited to present at the latest work from Uferlos Studios titled In the dark, dark room (2017) – an aural-visual installation by Siouxzi Connor & Klaudia Domurat. The interviews and extracts are soon to be broadcast on the BBC World Service and NTS London.

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